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Please note that once your account is created on our website it becomes your responsibility, in situations where you hand over your password or username to others we will not be able to help incase of refusal of service, termination of orders, discontinuation of the account or content being edited. 

We advise confidentiality with your account details as it pertains to sensitive information such as your address and other payment info.  


Aura design studio is an Indian based brand and thus our pricing is shown in INR currency for all countries and states. We charge you before the product is shipped or altered, any additional shipping fees if applicable will be mentioned before payment.  

Prohibited Activities

Your purchasing experience with Aura Design studio must not include: 

  1. Reselling of items that you may have purchased from our store. 

  2. Any offensive, defamation or accusatory language during and after purchasing an item. 

  3. Infringe any third party copyright, trademark, patent, etc. 


We try our best to feature colours as they are in natural light. But please note that all our content is produced in-house by our content team and colours displayed can change due to the quality of your monitor display. 

Keep in consideration and enjoy your shopping experience.  


We are a custom boutique, while that being said all our garments are free size and we alter them according to your fit as and when the order is placed and the size is selected. Once altered the garment cannot be exchanged against a credit note or another item.

Sales and offers

We are not bound to provide any offers and sale, however, hypothetically if we offer an occasional festive sale we are not bound to repeat it every season. 

Similarly, we are not bound to acknowledge any festivals or offer religion specific sales/offers. 

Keep in mind that we are a fashion house and we work according to corporate accounting.


We are a registered and legal company, any unauthorized usage of our trademarks or design can lead to us taking legal actions.